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Do You Know China Nov.11 Shopping Carnival ?

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A decade ago, November 11th was a tongue-in-cheek cultural “celebration” of single people in China. In 2009, retailer Alibaba turned the day into the country’s version of Black Friday — and eight years later, sales from the Chinese e-commerce’s one-day event has nearly doubled those from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US combined.


It is Chinese peoples desire for a better life that has fueled the fierce growth of the Nov 11 shopping spree.


Over onlinesells hit 168.2 billion RMB in one day last year. More than 1 billion deliveries stacked up with the first one shipped out in 12 and a half minutes.


New tech like electronic order sheets,automated sorting machines and logistics robots have significantly improved efficiency. Cross-border vendors and bounded zones mean Chinese can shop all over the world from the comfort of your home.


That caused certain problems,such as too many orders ,the leaking of personal information and piles of garbage from the packaging materials.


In order to solve these problems, chinese enterprises have developed some unique technologies:

Big data helps distribute goods

  •  With big data,platforms can analyze the most popular goods in different places, so that different brands can distribute their goods more effectively. Consumers will also get a faster delivery because there are sufficient goods nearby.

Private delivery bill

  • Your name ,cellphone number,and address are hidden and the deliveryman calls you by scanning a code.

Sorting Robots

  • Increasingly more delievey companies use robots to sort diffenent goods which fast and convenice.

The line has blurred between online sellers and offline stores and retailing has undergone fundamental changes. Behind the change is a brand-new future of business logic and cutting-edge tech.

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