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Do You Know the Non Contact Faucet?

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Actually, we always use the contact faucet to wash our hands, especially at home. However, we will find that there are many non contact faucet in the mall. Hence, do you really know the non contact faucet?

As we all know, it makes use of the principle of infrared reflection to reduce the direct contact between the hand and the faucet and reduces the convenient and hygienic new type faucet, which can save water resources and prevent the faucet from damaging. 

2018 wenzhou contemporary waterfall luxury hotel bathroom shower tap

2018 wenzhou contemporary waterfall luxury hotel bathroom shower tap

Basic concepts

Non-contact faucets are based on infrared reflection. When the hands of the human body are placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared ray emitted by the infrared emission tube is reflected into the infrared receiver tube due to the body's hand. The processed signals are sent to the pulse solenoid valve by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit. After receiving the signal, the solenoid valve opens the valve core according to the specified instructions to control the faucet effluent. When the hand of the human body leaves the infrared sensing range, the electromagnetic valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve core is reset by the internal spring to control the water-off of the water tap.

How It Works

Ac / DC power supply, battery reserve, hand reach is water, hand is closed, special water saving. The switch is automatically completed by the inductor, without contact with the faucet, which can effectively avoid bacterial cross infection. The machine is controlled by microcomputer, and the optimum sensing distance is determined according to the shape of the basin, without manual adjustment. The utility model also has a one-minute overtime washing and water shutdown function to avoid the waste of water resources caused by foreign bodies for a long time in the sensing range.


In a word, it’s a new style of the faucet which can bring convenience to many people. 

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