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Halloween, We Are Waiting for You.

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All Hallow's Day is the Western Ghost Festival. The time is November 1 of the annual Gregorian calendar. The celebration begins on the evening of October 31 and is called Halloween. At the beginning, Halloween has a strong religious color. It is a festival to expel evil spirits and worship the ancestors for peace. It is a bit like our Zhongyuan Festival. Currently mainly popular in some countries that speak English. On the eve of the night, people will wear masks and wear strange clothes to dress up as ghosts. Every household will use pumpkins to make lights. The children will dress up and carry the pumpkin lanterns and ask for candy. People don't worship ancestors or ghosts on this day. It is said that they dress up as ghosts and make pumpkin lights to scare away evil ghosts. With the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, Halloween has gradually become one of the entertainment festivals of the younger generation in China. Halloween night, Are you ready? Momali is ready.

Halloween Purpose

Enrich the leisure life of Momali employees through the organization of Halloween activities, strengthen the understanding and cognition of Western culture, improve the initiative of Momali's staff activities, and enhance communication and connection between employees.

Halloween Preparation

1. Decorations in the theme of Halloween in the doorway and indoor house:pumpkin lanterns, ghost models, spiders, hoes, ghosts, witches, etc.

pumpkin lanterns decoration

2. Attach Halloween wallpapers or Halloween posters to the walls to create a terrifying atmosphere.

3. Select Halloween background music

4. Halloween scene food preparation

Halloween scene food preparation

Halloween Activities

Halloween film

Halloween Costume ball

Halloween Costume ball

What are you waiting for? Come on! Let us enjoy the surprise and let us feel the warm atmosphere of Halloween. Just in Momali, let us have a different Halloween night together.

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