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How Can We Select a Good kitchen Faucet?

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Water is the source of life. People cannot live without water. As a matter of fact, we will use water for different ways. One of its functions is washing, such as washing clothes, fruits or vegetables. Faucet is a good transport appliances of water. Commonly, when you buy a new house, you will consider to install some faucetes in your home. Hence, how can we select a good kitchen faucet?

First of all, the kitchen tap can be rotated by a 360 degree angle. For ease of use, the kitchen faucet to choose higher, the outlet mouth should also be very long, it is best to stretch to the top of the drain, and can not splash water. If there is a hot pipe line in the kitchen, the tap should also be dual. To meet the needs of various uses, most kitchen faucets can now achieve the main body of the bibcock left and right rotation. In the nozzle part, the draught tap can pull the nozzle out, which can be easily cleaned to every corner of the sink. The drawback is that when drawing out the nozzle, one hand must be free to hold the nozzle. Some faucet nozzles can rotate 360 degrees up and down.

Then, please select the material of the stainless steel. The material of kitchen faucet is brass commonly, namely on the market most common pure copper faucet. But because of kitchen environment characteristic, pure copper faucet is not necessarily the best choice. If you want to choose the copper kitchen faucet, be sure to have excellent electroplating, otherwise it is easy to lead to rust corrosion. And now there are some manufacturers using high quality 304 stainless steel to manufacture the leading. Compared with pure copper tap, high quality stainless steel has the characteristics of no lead, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no corrosion, no release of harmful substances and no pollution of tap water source.

Finally, please focus on the anti-calcification system and anti-reflux system. What’s more, attention should be paid to whether the nozzle length can take into account both sides of the flume.

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New Pull Down Kitchen Single Handle Sink Tap Faucet 

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Momali Mixers Taps Single Handle Brass Kitchen Sink Faucet

In fact, selecting kitchen faucet is still a study. You should search lots of information about it. Actually, you can contact us, we will give the professional answers for you.


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