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How to Choose a Shower Head with Different Water Flow Type?

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Now the water flow type of home use shower head is no longer the single one, but tends to be more styles. Multi-function hand-held shower head has achieved a variety of water flow effects such as rain, spray and massage. The adjustment method is also very simple, as long as the shower head is directly turned, the water flow effect can be converted. Moreover, the water outlet method is no longer limited to the patent of the high-grade shower head, but is slowly spread to the ordinary shower heads used by the public.

water flow type of shower head

The hand shower head has five different water outlet effects: the orderly water flow makes people feel in a natural bath; the spray water makes the bathroom temperature rise rapidly with the water mist; the  concentrated and soft massage water flow helps to eliminate a day of fatigue.

Here are some of the most common types of water outlet that are available in general showers. Below are the most common types:

1. Ordinary type, the most basic shower water flow, water flow is average.

2. Spray type, the water splash impact is small, with continuous and small water flow.

3. Rainy type, a large number of continuous water, the water flow is large.

rainy type water flow

4. Single-strand type, the water flow is uniformly concentrated to a water column, and the water output is concentrated.

5. Massage type, the water splash is very strong, the water flow is dense and continuous pouring, so that the whole body can be relaxed.

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