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How to Clean and Maintain Shower Faucet ?

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The cleaning and maintenance of shower faucet is very important to extend the life of the faucet. The follows will introduce how to clean and maintain shower faucet.

shower faucet cleaning and maintenance

Shower Faucet Cleaning

1.The nozzle surface should always be wiped gently with a soft cloth (without impurities). Avoid using wire clusters or scouring pads with hard particles, etc. In addition, do not hit the hard object to damage the nozzle surface.

2.Use the following cleaners to remove rough masks and deposits: mild liquid glass cleaner; pure liquid glass cleaner; acid-free, wear-free soft liquid or completely dissolved powder, frictionless solution polishing agent.

3.Never use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper cloth; Never use any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners.

4.In the case of the water pressure is not lower than 0.02 mpa (ie 0.2 kgf/cm2), and after using for a while, If find the amount of water decrease, and even the water heater is turned off, you can gently unscrew the screen cover at the water outlet of the faucet to remove impurities, which can generally be restored.

Shower Faucet Maintenance

1.Before installing the faucet, it is necessary to drain the water to wash the dirt impurities in the water pipe and remove the debris in the hole, and check that the accessories in the package to insure no impurities in them, so as not to gamble or wear the ceramic valve core.

2.Apply toothpaste on a soft cloth to clean the surface, then clean the surface with water. Do not use alkaline cleaner or wipe with scouring pad or steel ball to avoid damage to the plating surface.

3.The single-handle faucet should be slowly opened and closed during using; the double-handle faucet can not be closed too much, otherwise the water stopcock will fall off and the water can not shut down and can not stop.

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