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How to Install a Shower Head?

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How to Install a Shower Head? You should pay attention to some requirements.

1.Height Requirement. Generally, the water pipe connection of hot and cold water is about one meter above the ground, and it can be adjusted according to the height of the family members. Since many sun showers are now installed, and the height of the house is relatively short, so the height should not be too high. In case that after the ceiling is suspended, the distance from the water pipe joint to the top is not enough. This will cause the shower head to not be installed. 

Height Requirement of shower head

2.Hole distance between cold and hot water. The center hole distance between cold and hot water of the shower faucet on the market is 15 cm. There will be two S connectors inside, which can adjust the distance appropriately. Therefore, this hole distance can be installed with a little error, but the hole distance should be as accurate as possible, and the error cannot exceed 1 cm.

3.The height of the hot and cold water must be the same height. It should be 90 degrees to the wall, do not tilt. The inner wire connector of the hot and cold water inside the wall is preferably about 2 mm lower than the surface of the tile. After installed, the two decorative covers behind the shower head can be closer to the wall, and the effect will be better and more beautiful.

shower head installation

4. Before installation, it is best to put water inside the pipe and rinse the pipe. Because there are many impurities in the new pipeline, even if there are a lot of sand, if you put water directly through the shower head, it may cause impurities directly to the inside of the shower head. Some of them are not easy to clean, which affects the water flow effects of the shower head. When installing shower head in some communities, you need to look for the estate to shut off the water. It may not be convenient to test the water and release the water. After installing it, You can unscrew the shower head after installing and release water directly with the shower tube, then put the shower head screw on (pay attention to the hose pad of the hose interface, don't be washed away), so you don't have to look for the estate to shut off the water valve. It is also possible to prevent impurities in the water pipe from entering the inside of the shower head.

5.It is recommended to buy a shower head with soft mouthpiece which can descale if there is a lot scale in your living area ,so that in the process of using it, there is no need to worry about the gutter blocking the shower spout

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