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How to deal with the faucet rusty?

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The plating of the faucet acts as a rust preventer, but this does not mean that the faucet will never rust without any maintenance. If you want to clean the plating surface of the copper faucet, you can use the boiling water and detergent to scrub, or you can use some strong degreased detergent to clean. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge and a little special cleaning agent if there is scale,rust, etc. on the faucet, then wipe it with a clean cloth or rinse it off with water.

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Although the chrome layer of the faucet claims to be resistant to corrosion and rust, improper cleaning methods can still cause abnormal wear on the faucet. Do not wipe the surface of the faucet with a hard object such as a steel ball. Because the steel ball is very hard, it is easy to scratch the surface of the faucet. In general, the faucet should be cleaned with a neutral detergent, but not with a strong acid or alkaline cleaner. Use a soft toothbrush or a scouring pad with toothpaste to gently wipe it which also can remove scale and oil.

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