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How to deal with when the faucet run water is small?

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Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom we can see the faucet anywhere and it bring convenience to our life. However, after a long time of use, you will find that the faucet run water is small. What is the cause?



The faucet run water is small ---the water quality problem

Faucet run water is small may be caused by large foreign bodies, which are rare but can be encountered.In fact, the operation is simple, just need to be ready to remove the faucet wrench, the table basin under the faucet interface with the wrench to break off, in fact, most of the faucets can be twisted by hand, the faucet after the removal of the filter head is removed, put aside. Turn the faucet upside down and fill it with a bottle of water. If the water from the back of the faucet is not smooth, it means that there are foreign bodies in the faucet. It needs to be washed thoroughly under clean water. After cleaning, it should be installed again. Remember to tighten the faucet.

The faucet run water is small --- the bubbler problem

When we clean the faucet every day, we often only notice that the surface of the faucet is clean, but in fact the inside of the faucet is more important. If the water output from the faucet becomes smaller, it is most likely caused by a blockage of the bubbler. The bubbler needs to be removed, soaked in vinegar, then cleaned with a small brush or other tools, and finally reinstalled.

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