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How to decorate the bathroom

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The building materials in the bathroom include: bathroom cabinets, faucet showers, toilets, sanitary equipment, basins, flushing valves, bathroom accessories, bathroom appliances, sanitary ceramic tiles, cleaning products, etc.


How to choose hardware accessories?

 1. Pick a shower

A good shower can ensure that each small nozzle has a uniform spray and uniform water flow, and can be kept at 150 °C for 1 hour without blistering, wrinkle-free, and cracking. Most use ceramic valve cores, smooth and frictionless. The hand can be twisted when selected, and the hand feels comfortable and smooth to ensure smooth and reliable performance when the product is in use.

2. Pick the tap

When buying, you must choose a lead-free faucet. It is best to choose brass material. This can also suppress E. coli in the water. You can carefully look at the surface with holes or bumps. You can also take a breath. If it is scattered quickly, it means that the surface treatment is good;

3. Picking a floor drain

Stainless steel and copper alloy floor drains are moderately priced, and brass floor drains are superior in all aspects; try to choose a floor drain with large space and water flow without obstruction; choose a combination of physical deodorant and deep water and deodorant.

Buy a bathroom product must buy a big brand, because the bathroom is a durable consumer goods, can be used for up to 5 years, can buy a large brand of products, whether the material composition or quality is more reliable.

After selecting the building materials, it will enter the decoration stage. This is also a very crucial step. Everyone must take a closer look.


Bathroom decoration principle

To decorate the bathroom, you must first consider the use of the function, and then the decorative effect. Mainly follow four principles: dry and wet separation, to ensure safety, ventilation and lighting, plastic materials, easy to clean, anti-corrosion and moisture.

Toilet water and electricity precautions

After the position of the washing machine is determined, the drain of the washing machine can be considered to make the drain pipe inside the wall, which is beautiful and convenient; if the excess floor drain is to be closed, the gap between the drain pipe and the floor drain must be blocked to prevent the water from overflowing; Or electric water heaters, to avoid temporary replacement of water heater types, resulting in repeated waterway transformation;

Note: The drain should be protected during the renovation, especially during the kitchen and tile tiling, which is the most likely to cause the cement to fall into the drain and cause blockage.

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