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Intelligent toilet: the dream of future intelligent period

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-20      Origin: 卫浴新闻

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In a few years ago the intelligent sanitary ware market was basically monopolized by foreign brands, no one would have thought that now the domestic market is full of national intelligent products, although there is a certain distance between them, but from this year KBC we can see that the distance is narrowing. But the large-scale localization era for intelligent sanitary  ware hasn’t come , because of the short promotion time for the domestic market, not fully mature technology accumulation, the popularization of the intelligent toilet real schedule is still not sure. If the traditional bathroom development is compared to the warring states period, then the intelligent bathroom has just entered the spring and autumn period.


According to the data, China's high consumption capacity has reached 250 million, accounting for 19% of the total population, but the market share of high-end intelligent bathroom is significantly lower than that of Europe and the United States. From the penetration rate of intelligent bathroom products, China is also far from the market coverage of nearly 70% in Japan.

One of the important reasons for the low popularity of the domestic intelligent sanitary ware is that the time of the smart bathroom to enter China is not long, especially the time of domestic intelligent bathroom is shorter.

For domestic intelligent bathroom market, current development space is very big, but need manufacturer, dealer, industry person and consumer joint efforts, then we can make it bigger slowly. And domestic professional intelligent bathroom manufacturer, who had saw this market potential, after a few years, make the market developed quickly.

From feeling strange in the beginning, to more and more people began to accept intelligent products. "Especially a lot of overseas students and tourists, they experienced the benefits of smart bath first, is good body health and environmental protection, this group of people can accept smart products most easily" The person who is in charge of an intelligent sanitary ware brand told the reporter.

If traditional sanitary ware is to satisfy the basic functional requirements of people, then the intelligent sanitary ware goes further, own the obvious advantages  in health and humanization functions


Developed countries, especially in Japan and South Korea, smart bathroom products take over 70% market. Now China's consumption level is getting higher and higher, many families decoration is look-ahead, also easy to accept intelligent sanitary ware, especially the intelligent sanitary ware is very effective for health, environmental protection.  Including the young and the old people, both have very big demand, such as elder people with constipation, and lot of people easily get haemorrhoids , intelligent toilet will have a certain preventive effect.

"In recent years, the functions of intelligent bathroom ware has become more and more humanized, with warm water washing, automatic deodorization, and heating of the seat. It has everything you need, reflecting the consumers' pursuit of comfortable product functions." Chinese people have always attached great importance to health care, especially since the income level has raised, consumers are more particular about health care, and the health care industry is becoming more and more well-developed. To some extent, there is something in common between today's smart products and health care, providing a comfortable life for consumers.

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