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Maintenance and installation guide

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Installation and maintenance

1. Please fix ,the hot water pipe on the left and cold pipe on the right.

2. Please don’t use excessive force to pull or push the lever in order to avoid damage caused by rough operation,

3. Please often clean your mixers with water or corrosive-free cleaning fluids.When the cleaning is finished,please rinse the mixers and dry them with a soft towel.

Mixers for bath and shower room

Install S-image eccentries,put the decorative flanges and fasten the mixer.

Mixer for basin,bidet and kitchen

Fasten the flexible hoses of water entrance to the body of mixer.Open the entrance of hot and cold water.Check whether the parts are connected hermetically.Check whether the mixer works correctly.

Care and Warning

Please follow the instructions as the guarantee can not be applied to damaged materials and its installation caused by incorrect usage.

1. Before the installation, you must clean the impurity in the fittings and pipes to avoid any unexpected blockage.If clogging occurs,please uninstall the aerators for cleaning.

2. Please remove all the leftover construction material (cement,concrete,ect) after installation is finished.Otherwise, the surface of faucet may be corrupted.

3. Faucet are not suitable in environments with corrosive atmosphere.

4. Don’t use any cleaning sponges or abrasive cleaning remedies which may scratch the surface of your mixer.
5. Don’t apply any solvents or cleaning remedies containing acid, remedies for removal of lime,vinegar for home usage and cleaning remedies containing acetic.the above mentioned remedies may damage the surface of your mixer which will lead to scratches and loss of glitter.

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