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What should you do if your kitchen faucet leaks?

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Leakage is a real annoyance, so what should you do if your kitchen faucet leaks?  Sometimes ask the repairman to repair can not solve the problem in time. Actually if the leakage is not very serious, we can repair it by ourselves, as long as the tools are in hand, and you master the methods. Here are six steps which will help you fix the faucet leakage.

Pressure faucet is commonly used in water faucet, so I will take pressure faucet as an example and  briefly introduce the maintenance method of kitchen faucet leakage.

kitchen faucet

Tools preparation

Hand pliers, screwdrivers, penetrating lubricants, movable wrenches and pads to be replaced.

1.     Close the inlet valve

Remove the small screws on or behind the faucet handle for removing the handle that is attached to the faucet body. Some screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets. These buttons or plastic sheets are clipped or screwed into the handle. Just open the button and you will see the handle screw on the top. If necessary, use some permeable lubricants to loosen the screw.

2.     Remove the handle

Use a large pliers or adjustable wrench to remove the packing nut, taking care not to leave scratches on the metal. Rotate the spool or shaft in the same direction as you turn on the tap to unscrew them.

kitchen faucet

3.     Remove the screw that holds the gasket

Check the screw and spool. If they are damaged, then replace them.

4.     Replace the old gasket with an identical new one

New gaskets that almost match the old gaskets can normally stop the tap from dripping. The gasket designed only for cold water will expand vigorously when hot water flows, blocking the water outlet, making the hot water flow slower. So pay attention when choose the gasket.

5.     Install the faucet parts

Fix the new gasket to the spool, and then reassemble the components of the tap. When the spool is in place, reinstall the filling nut. Be careful not to scratch the wrench on the metal.

6.     Water discharge detection

Reinstall the handle and replace the button or disc. Re-open the faucet and check if there is still water leakage.

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