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  • Momali faucet company was founded in 1985. We are leading brand in China sanitary field.

  • The building materials in the bathroom include: bathroom cabinets, faucet showers, toilets, sanitary equipment, basins, flushing valves, bathroom accessories, bathroom appliances, sanitary ceramic tiles, cleaning products, etc.

  • Every manufacturer of shower faucets has its own idiosyncratic approach to design, but on the whole, shower faucets fall into one of three categories: cartridge, ball valve and compression. If your faucet has a single handle, you'll find either a cartridge or ball valve when you disassemble it. A pu

  • A cartridge faucet is so common you've probably seen dozens and not even noticed. It's a simple faucet, but instead of having two separate taps or knobs for both hot and cold water, there's simply a lever above the spigot. Raising the lever turns the water on, while pushing it down turns the water off. Pushing the lever further to the left makes the water hotter, while pushing the lever to the right makes it colder.

  • Single-handle shower faucets are becoming more common in homes due to their simplicity and durability. A loose shower handle will usually occur well before the shower actually becomes worn enough internally to drip, so repairing it sooner rather than later is always a good strategy. The two most common shower faucet types use either an internal ball mechanism to mix and direct the water, or an internal cartridge to mix and direct the water. In both cases, this diverter mechanism is what the shower handle is attached to. Both types of faucets are relatively easy to fix. Following a few simple steps will save the expense of hiring a plumber.


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