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 Sanitary products made by Momali exceed most our competitors by our strictly selected raw material, systemic quality management and original and trendy styles. Our raw material is 59-A% quality brass, safe (1% to 1.3% of lead), eco-friendly, and conform to CE standard.

 Our production includes production line including Gravity Casting Line, Machining Line, Polishing Line and assembling line. Momali has modern test machines insuring reliability and endurance of our sanitary products.

 We have professional senior R&D team ensures high quality original sanitary products. Our original design meets the demand of different markets and better boosts our customers’ business. Momali focuses on design, innovation, style and always lead the trend in sanitary product industry.
Make your own cleaning products

Can you pronounce the ingredients in your cleaning supplies? Are you worried about what all those harsh chemicals are doing to the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom (let alone to your family!)?Some of the items in your pantry (like baking soda and vinegar) work as effective cleaners and, even be

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