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Development of Momali Faucet

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In daily life, I think the faucet is closely related to everyone.Do you know the birth process?

The design of the faucet comes from our life, combined with professional knowledge and practice and analysis. The following is the product development process:

1: Drawing sketches according to the design inspiration

2:3D Design

3:3D Printing, 3D printing technology has given endless possibilities for faucet manufacturing. Thanks to 3D printing, designs that were not easily achievable in the past can be realized, and even designs that were never imagined before can be produced.

4: Constantly revising and adjusting until the designer achieves the desired result.

5: produce mould

6: Start to produce products, finished products through strict high standards of testing, to ensure the quality of products, then we can mass production.

In the process of product development, we are committed to absorbing and using traditional culture into modern life and in line with modern aesthetic and human-machine relationship, with the design to improve people's lives.

The birth of a faucet requires everyone's joint efforts.

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