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How to Deal With the Shower Faucet?

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Shower faucets have been in use for a long time, and there must be all kinds of blockages that haunt us, such as the accumulated scale, there are some sediment blockage, or sprinkling aging damage. Therefore, we should learn to clean the shower faucet.

Brass chrome waterfall tap sanitary faucet

Brass chrome waterfall tap sanitary faucet

First of all, we must know how to remove the faucet. There are mainly three ways: 1. First close the main valve of the house, then insert the screwdriver under the tap handle, then pick up the left and right, and pry at the same time. The force is uniform and stable, so that the lower valve core can be taken. 2. Close the main valve, or close the angle valve of the shower tap (if not, close the valve),then let the water out of the pipe. Then unscrew the blue lid on the right handle and loosen the screw with a cross screwdriver, and remove the handle and reveal the spool, then unscrew the spool with a movable wrench. 3. Close the main water valve first, then put a red and blue mark around 8mm on the tap handle, buckle it down and loosen the fixing screw counterclockwise with a word screwdriver. Take off the handle, open the tap with a live wrench, open the upper cover with a wrench, and remove the ceramic spool. 


Then, the crucial problem is how to clean the shower faucet. 1. Clean the interior of the sprinkler: Remove the head of the water pipe connected to the shower and rinse the shower with the water from the faucet. Then pour it into the inner surface, block the inlet, shake hard, quickly release dirty water, so repeated several times can, this way is suitable for cleaning all the showers. If the sprinkler head can be disassembled sprinkler, to clean the interior is very simple, just open the shower head, with tap water rinse on the handle. 2. Wash shower nozzle: Poke open the blocked outlet with a needle and fix it. 

In fact, it’s not easy to clean the shower faucet. We should pay attention to maintain it. 

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