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How to Unclogging Your Drain

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How to Unclogging Your Drain

1 : Remove hair from the drain. Take apart a wire hanger or use a long, thin item such as a knitting hook. Grab a garbage can or a plastic bag to put the hair in. Then unscrew the cap on your drain or just reach in, depending on the style of your drain. Pull the hair out and throw it away. Keep pulling the hair out until the drain is clear.

Hair should be removed from drains on a weekly basis to keep your drains clear.

2 : Apply a drain cleaner. You can opt for a commercial brand, or you can make your own by adding ¼ cup (59 milliliters) of ammonia to a quart (1 liter) of boiling water. Pour in the cleaner to dissolve any remaining clogs.

Use a drain cleaner about once a month to prevent major clogs. With proper cleaning, your drains should continue to work well. If a drain becomes too clogged, you may need to call a plumber.

3 : Rinse with hot water. Turn on the faucet and clear the drain with clean water. If the drain backs up again during rinsing, repeat the steps to remove the clog.


What material is good for floor drain?

1. Full-copper chromium-plated floor drain: nowadays, there are many all-copper chromium-plated floor drains on the market. Full-copper chromium-plated floor drain has a thick coating, so even if the use time is long and the copper rust grows, it is still relatively easy to clean. It can be used for less than 6 years, and its performance is relatively good.

2. Full - copper floor drain:Full copper floor drain can be used for at least 6 years.The chrome plating is thinner and it is more likely to rust than the Full-copper chromium-plated floor drain

3. Stainless steel floor drain: Although the stainless steel floor drain has  beautiful appearance, good deodorizing effect and long service life, the stainless steel floor drain cost is higher than the PVC floor drain, and the plating layer is relatively thin, so it is easy to rust in a few years.

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