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What’s the Development Trend of Sanitary Ware Industry?

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What’s the Development Trend of Sanitary Ware Industry?

In recent years, with the economic and social development, people's consumption concepts have undergone profound changes. More and more people are pursuing a personalized and quality life. The custom products that have emerged in this context have gradually become a major trend in Chinese consumption. In fact, the new retail model has become the future development trend of the sanitary industry. New retail is a business model that combines online and offline logistics. Moreover, it requires accurate and scenario-based experiential services. The e-commerce platform and the physical retail enterprises need to cooperate with each other to understand the user's consumption needs through big data.



1.Sanitary ware market stock is large: Sanitary ware is divided into toilets, showers, bathroom cabinets and accessories by function, mainly used in residential commercial housing. China is one of the world's largest ceramic sanitary ware products market, accounting for more than 30% of the global ceramic sanitary ware output value. In 2007-2016, China's sanitary ceramics production increased from 1.03 to 208 million pieces, with an average annual compound growth rate of 8.12%. In 2010-2016, the sales of sanitary ceramics increased from 340 to 67.1 billion, with an average annual compound growth rate of 12%.

2.New demand for sanitary ware: The demand for sanitary ware mainly comes from the renovation of new homes and the upgrading of urban household sanitary ware. The need for affordable housing and shantytown renovation will also bring some demand. Combined with the growth rate of residential commercial housing sales, it is assumed that each housing should be equipped with at least four main sanitary ware products such as toilet, bathroom cabinet and shower equipment. The demand for sanitary ware in 2017 and 2018 is estimated to be 76.61 million and 80.96 million, respectively. 

3.Analysis of the pattern of sanitary ware industry: Market competition is intensifying, and concentration is expected to increase: In the future, as foreign-brand product lines gradually extend to the low-end market, market competition will intensify, plus raw material price increases, labor costs, and many other factors, in brands, channels, manufacturing and R&D. Enterprises that are at a disadvantage will face the risk of being integrated, and the concentration of the sanitary ware industry is expected to increase. The strengthening of the dominant enterprise market position will support the stability of the industry's profit level.

As a matter of fact, it just the analysis towards China’s market, the development trend of it can change all the time. 

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