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Why Install an Outdoor Shower?

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Have you been thinking about designing and installing an outdoor shower but are having a hard time justifying the cost? After reading this, you will be put at ease in your decision to enjoy the outdoors this summer in your new outdoor shower?

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You’re working in the garden and around the yard all day. Yard clippings are stuck from your head down to your muddy shoes. Why wander through the house and into your bathroom, dropping extras from your day all over your house? Imagine walking over to your outdoor shower and enjoying the fresh air and washing away the mud and grime without ever having to go inside?

Or you’ve been swimming and you just want to rinse off the chlorine. A quick, outdoor rinse is the perfect thing!

Have an athlete in the house? Get them outside! No more turf, grass, and smelly equipment in your house! Scrub up in the new outdoor shower and then come in for dinner!

Ok, so where do you begin picking the perfect spot for your new outdoor haven? First, make sure you’re near a water outlet. Second, privacy may be an issue. Do you have a spot where you can build a stall? Most importantly is drainage. You must pick a location around your home where you have good drainage so that you don’t end up with a basement full of water. And if in a colder climate, don’t forget to drain the water before the first freeze.

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